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Insurance Web are industry leaders in providing knowledgeable advice and affordable insurance premiums to Brisbane businesses and residents. Our highly-trained team are dedicated to finding the right cover for our clients and removing unnecessary policy additions that can inflate your insurance costs. Known for our simple processes, cost-efficiency and trustworthy staff, Insurance Web get to know our clients and their Queensland businesses before perfectly customizing their policies. As a representative of the United Insurance Group, we are recognised for our involvement in prestigious partner programs that give our customers leading-edge services and streamlined processes.

Our Services at Your Fingertips

Insurance Web has an extensive list of insurance services with specialised brokers working in each category. In terms of business insurance, we can help you navigate through public liability and professional indemnity – from construction to aviation, we tailor your policy to suit your company. You can find your specific practice in our huge range of covered industries. Whether you require home and contents, landlord’s or vehicle insurance, our services include a wide range of personal insurance policies. We thrive on protecting your livelihood and assets so contact our team of experts for more information.

Get the Right Insurance for Your Business

There are countless forms of business insurance available so finding the right one for your needs can be a strenuous task. Our specialised team of brokers will narrow down your options and help you create the perfect insurance policy for your Brisbane business.

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Personal Insurance Solutions

Your belongings, cars, homes and investment properties are major expenses that need to be protected at all costs. Having a comprehensive, personal insurance policy will maintain your peace of mind so you can relax and enjoy the benefits of your hard work. Leave the risk-management to our professionals in case disaster strikes.

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Why we are the right broker for you?

We are proud to be a Brisbane-based business, which is why we pride ourselves in protecting your local companies in the case of an emergency. Insurance Web maintains life-long, professional relationships with our huge list of satisfied clients so whenever you need to make a claim, you can trust in our team to be there for you. Ask about our full ‘Needs Analysis’ process to ensure we check the boxes across all the types of insurance you have available to you, leaving no stone unturned and no doubts as to how you want to tailor your business insurance program. Our team will aim to achieve favourable outcomes in these three key areas:
  1. Reason 1
    We get to know you better

    The more we know about you, the better we can protect you and minimise your premiums.

  2. Reason 2
    Our claims process is fast & easy

    We manage this process for you entirely, making claiming as stress free as you can imagine.

  3. Reason 3
    In depth product knowledge

    We work with a broad range of insurance products, ensuring we can suitably cover you.

Jason Matthey - Insurance Web

About Insurance Web

Being a leading insurance broking firm means finding the right cover for our clients.

That means very precisely balancing your needs – what level of cover you need so you are completely protected – and not covering you for anything unnecessary that might inflate your premiums.

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Part of the Steadfast Group

Part of the Steadfast Group

Insurance Web is an AR (no 341384) of United Insurance Group – AFSL 327131. United Insurance Group are part of the United Insurance Group are part of the Steadfast Group, who is the largest Insurance Broker Network in Australia.

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