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At Insurance Web we understand that every construction business is different, and every building project has different risks associated with it.

That’s why our team of highly trained brokers work hard to find the right coverage for you, whether you’re a commercial, industrial or residential builder, an owner-builder or even a subcontractor.

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Risk Exposures for Residential Builders and Construction Companies

The three biggest risk exposures from an insurance perspective for Residential Builders and Construction Companies are:

  • Property Damage
  • Crime (theft of tools, equipment or materials onsite)
  • Public Liability

Key Insurance Requirements for Residential Builders and Construction Companies

Public and ProductsLiiability

To protect yourself against any potential incidents that happen to third parties.

Tools and Equipment

Get cover for loss of tools or equipment through damage or theft.

Contract Works

This type of insurance typically falls under property damage. Requirements will vary depending on scale of operations.

Contract Works & Property Damage Insurance for Builders

Homes, apartment buildings, or townhouse complexes under construction are just a few of the projects which can be covered by this type of insurance. It can protect you from costs associated with vandalism, theft, defects, and natural disasters.

Some building and construction companies take out this type of insurance for a specific job or contract. Whereas others building businesses, who have numerous projects on the go, may opt for an annual policy.
For some smaller businesses, a standard property damage property may be sufficient to cover risks at the company premises.

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance can cover property damage and personal injury to a third party which occurs when work is being carried out.

The level of cover can vary significantly between businesses, and the risks associated with each project. For larger scale jobs, contract works insurance is recommended.


Some policies will only cover theft if the equipment was securely stored, whereas others don’t cover stolen items at all. At Insurance Web, we strongly recommend including coverage for theft in open air if business operations rely on that equipment.

Tools and Equipment Insurance for Builders and Contractors

Crime is one of the biggest insurance exposures builders face. Theft of materials, equipment and tools is a major concern for those working in the construction industry.

If your tools have been stolen or damaged accidentally, this type of insurance can help to recoup the cost of them so you can get on with the job.

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Frequently Asked Questions | Insurance for Builders and Contractors

What kind of insurance do general contractors need?

Insurance requirements vary between industries but also the type (residential, commercial, industrial) and scale of operations.

For builders and those in the construction industry, the biggest exposures are property damage, crime and public liability.

Your local Insurance Web broker representative will provide recommendations on a tailored insurance program, based on your individual business requirements.

How much public liability insurance should a builder have?

The amount of public liability insurance a builder needs will be dependent on size of operations.

Small operators performing general handyman or maintenance/labour services tend to have low exposure risks; while large scale construction operations or those working on commercial buildings or infrastructure face higher exposure.

The amount of public liability you are covered may be dependent on minimum industry requirements, but also you deciding what level of cover you are most comfortable with and considering the cost of policy premiums.

How much does general contractors insurance cost?

The cost of general contractors insurance can vary greatly depending on the inclusions and fine print.

Here at Insurance Web, we consider our role to inform you of the potential exposures or risks and to assist with the due diligence process so you can make an informed decision about what insurance program is right for your needs. Contact us today here.

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