Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance is a vital (and sometimes required) mechanism for protecting most small businesses’ profits and financial wellbeing.

Specifically, it protects your business in the case where a 3rd party gets injured. (A 3rd party here means anyone who is not you or one of your staff).

If a 3rd party is injured and you or your company is deemed to have caused the injury, your public liability insurance policy pays out (NOT you!).

This makes public liability insurance one of the most important ways to protect your business, your business assets and your profits.

Public liability cover is generally calculated based on two very important factors.

  • Your business/occupation
  • Your turnover

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Insurance Web provide public liability insurance that covers a broad range of potential liabilities. These mainly cover two things:

  • Property damage (for example, if a tradesman accidentally triggers the sprinkler system resulting in millions of dollars in damage)
  • Personal injury (for example, if a pedestrian is struck by some materials from a building site)

People have different occupations, so the level of cover can vary greatly between companies. Different risk factors are assessed and different levels of cover are required.

By understanding your specific circumstances, we can find the ideal level of coverage for you, ensuring that your business can continue to operate profitably and have a solid future.

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