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Any plumber can be injured, have tools stolen or somehow land themselves in hot water on the job – no matter their level of skill and experience.

That’s why it’s important you’ve got the right coverage to protect your business (and your family’s livelihood) against losses from property damage, personal injury and material damage.

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Risk Exposures for Plumbers

Plumbers are exposed to a range of risks when on the job. From an insurance perspective, the biggest risk exposures are:

  • Public Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Employer Liability/ Worker’s Compensation

Key Insurance Requirements for Plumbers

Public and products liability

To protect yourself against any potential incidents that happen to third parties.

Tools and equipment

Get cover for loss of tools or equipment through damage or theft.

Motor vehicles and trailers

Insure against potential accidents or damage to your business vehicles.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Licensed plumbing practitioners in the state of Queensland who are carrying out work that requires a compliance certificate, must be covered by the optimal level of insurance

What Insurance does a Plumber Need

Public Liability Insurance for Plumbers

Public Liability is imperative for any plumber or plumbing contractor.

It can provide coverage if:

  1. A property has sustained damage as a result of plumbing work you’ve carried out.
  2. A third party has been injured and a compensation claim has been made against you.

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Plumbers

Design and Construct Professional indemnity insurance provides protection from financial loss for the conduct of professionals in the building industry who perform a combination of physical construction or installation and design.

If you’re alleged to have provided inadequate services or designs, or advice that cause your client to lose money as a result of your professional advice, this can lead to costly out-of-pocket expenses. Design and Construct Professional Indemnity can provide coverage for:

  1. Legal costs and expenses incurred in your defence
  2. Any damages or costs that may be awarded
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What many plumbers may not realise is that insurance for this industry can be fraught with risk. If you don’t accurately declare the type of projects that you work on (and keep this information update to date with your insurer) you could be significantly out of pocket when it comes time to make a claim. 

Tool Insurance for Plumbers

To get the job done plumbers need a variety of tools, that’s why they should be covered for damage or theft. We believe the below tools should be insured:

  • Drain Cameras
  • Jetter Drain Cleaners
  • Copper Pipe Fittings Press Tools
  • General Misc Tools under $2,500 per item (unspecified items)

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