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To help take the headache out of Strata Insurance we’ve partnered with CHU and CHUiSAVER, fellow members of The Steadfast Group and Winner of the Insurance Underwriter of the Year 2017 and 2018, to provide instant strata quotes online.

CHU offer a comprehensive cover solution residential strata, commercial strata, community title, company title, non-strata units as well as landlord’s fixtures and fittings and home contents for strata.

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Landlords Insurance

Do I need Landlord’s Insurance?

Yes, Landlord’s Insurance is strongly recommended for any investment property owner. It protects you for tenant related loss and damage inside your property. Even if a Residential Strata Insurance policy is in place for the building and common areas, this does not include any damage inside your individual property.

What does Landlord’s Insurance cover?

Landlord’s Strata Insurance is recommended for property owners who rent out a unit or apartment to tenants.

It provides crucial cover for your individual property whether it be accidental loss or damage to contents in your unit from events such as fire, flood or storms.

This includes carpets, light fittings, curtains, blinds and washing machines, as well as loss of rent if the unit is unfit to be occupied or in the situation where the tenant fails to pay rent.

Depending on which state your unit or apartment is based in, your Landlord’s cover may be relied upon to cover breakdown of domestic air conditioning equipment that only services one unit or apartment. Any mobile or fixed air conditioning unit servicing an individual lot in Queensland is the unit owner’s responsibility to insure under their Landlord’s or Home Contents policy.

The only air conditioning units covered under the body corporate policy are one’s servicing multiple units, such as a ducted system in a high-rise complex.

Contents Insurance

Do I need Contents Insurance?

Yes, Contents Insurance is highly recommended when you reside within an apartment; unit or townhouse. Although the building would be covered by the Strata Titled Insurance scheme, your personal belongings are not. In the event of loss or damage, Contents Insurance covers the financial cost of repairing or replacing your household and personal possessions within a unit or apartment.

What does Contents Insurance Cover?

Contents Insurance is protection for household and personal possessions such as clothing; valuables such as jewellery, computers, cameras; furniture and electrical appliances including TVs and domestic air conditioners; plus fittings such as carpets and blinds.

If my building has Strata Insurance, do I still need Contents Insurance?

Yes, Strata Insurance only provides general insurance for the building along with common property and shared contents. This ends as soon as you cross the threshold into your individual property.

Often we find unit owners who reside in their own unit believe that their air conditioning is covered by the Strata Building Insurance, however in Queensland this is not the case. Both physical damage and fusion cover of any mobile or fixed air conditioning unit servicing an individual lot in Queensland is the unit owner’s responsibility to insure under their Landlord’s or Home Contents policy.

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