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Being in the fire protection industry, your business installs protection systems that safeguard other companies against the real risk of fire – but who is safeguarding your business?

Insurance Web welcomes the opportunity to protect the businesses that protect us. Whether you are starting a new business venture or have already established yourself as a quality provider and installer of fire protection equipment, now is the time to update your business insurance.

We understand that every business situation is unique, and that this in turn effects the level of cover you need. It’s imperative that you get tailored advice from an experienced business insurance broker to ensure you’re protected, but also not paying too much.

Insurance Web works with you to understand your potential liabilities and your individual business situation to help you get the right insurance in place.

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What is important in Fire Protection Industry Insurance?

Fire Protection Industry Insurance is typically broken into two different policies on the legal liability front:

  • Fire Protection Public and Products Liability Insurance
  • Civil Liability Professional Indemnity Insurance

Insurance Web can arrange for these policies to be purchased together or separately, with or without Business package Insurance for your plant and equipment

Who needs Fire Protection Industry Insurance?

Fire Protection Industry Insurance is recommended for any business that operates in the fire protection industry – this includes plumbers, electricians, builders or other trades that are authorised to install or deal with fire protection equipment.

Insurance Web is your local Fire Protection Industry Insurance specialists in North Brisbane.

If your business has an annual turnover of at least $300,000 we can help you secure great rates on your fire protection industry insurance.

Fire Protection Public and Products Liability Insurance includes professional services such as:

  • Portable fire protection equipment supply, servicing, maintenance, testing & installation (including fire extinguishers, fire hose reels & fire hydrants).
  • Electrical fire protection products supply, service, maintenance, testing & installation (including emergency & exit lighting, fire alarm panels & pumps).
  • Passive fire protection products supply, servicing, maintenance, testing and installation.
  • Fire sprinkler alarm systems testing.
  • Sprinkler systems servicing, maintenance & installation.
  • Fire protection equipment &/or products retail & wholesale sales
  • Fire protection systems design &/or engineering consultancy
  • Fire protection systems certification &/or fire building audits
  • Training Services
  • Fire Protection surveying & investigative work (including bushfire assessments)

Professional Indemnity Insurance includes professional services such as:

  • Providing advice, testing, inspection &/or certification of;
    • portable fire protection equipment (e.g. fire extinguishers, hose reels & hydrants)
    • passive &/or electrical fire protection products
    • sprinkler systems
  • Providing advice pertaining to the retail & wholesale product sales of fire protection equipment &/or products
  • Design &/or consulting engineers pertaining to fire protection systems
  • Certification of fire protection systems &/or building fire audits
  • Training Services
  • Fire protection surveying & investigative labour including bushfire assessments

Fire Protection Industry Insurance Brisbane

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While accidents in the workplace are often sudden and unpredictable; you can prevent a major incident impacting your revenue or forcing you to shut down with the right insurance in place.

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