Insurance for Advertising and Marketing Agencies

As an advertising or marketing agency, you are constantly making recommendations and advising (and even perhaps implementing) advertising and marketing strategies for your clients. These activities expose you to liabilities unique to your industry: libel, slander, copyright, etc. And these can be issues whether you’re actually at fault for any problems that arise.

So that means you need the right type of insurance to cover you and your business in the case of any adverse event.

We provide suitable cover for various sectors in the advertising and marketing industry, whether you’re a fully-fledged agency with dozens of employees, or a freelancer working with a smaller cost base.

We can provide cover for web developers, graphic designers, PR firms, digital agencies, online specialists, and online marketing consultants.

To make sure you get the right insurance, we critically analyse two things in particular.

First, the premiums – we have dozens of insurers on our panel. That means we can cherry pick the premiums that give you the right coverage, without costing an arm and a leg.

Second, the extensiveness of the cover.

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At Insurance Web, we source the best policies by having access to the top underwriters who cater to the advertising and marketing industry. And generally, we’d recommend the following types of policies:

Professional indemnity – ss a professional who advises clients, you need to make sure that in any event where your advice or recommendations are misinterpreted, that you are covered against any resulting liabilities.

Public liability – another essential policy for all business that have an office or meet clients at their premises.

Cyber insurance – you keep records electronically and these need to be protected. But it’s impossible to protect against all cyber events, so this is another essential ingredient in your policy makeup. it is particularly important when working in the digital landscape, such as developing web-based assets.

Business insurance – standard policies can cover property, business interruption, theft, employee fraud, electronic equipment – everything you need to ensure that your business can continue to run smoothly.

To get a custom quote (and yes, you really NEED a custom quote so you don’t end up paying too much or, even worse, with insufficient cover, we really need to talk to you.

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