Why Are We Queensland's Best Broker?

  1. Reason 1
    We get to know you better

    The more we know about you, the better we can protect you and minimise your premiums.

  2. Reason 2
    Our claims process is fast & easy

    We manage this process for you entirely, making claiming as stress free as you can imagine.

  3. Reason 3
    In depth product knowledge

    We work with a broad range of insurance products, ensuring we can suitably cover you.

Jason Matthey - Insurance Web

About Insurance Web

Being the best insurance broking firm means finding the right cover for our clients.

That means very precisely balancing your needs – what level of cover you need so you are completely protected – and not covering you for anything unnecessary that might inflate your premiums.

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Part of the Steadfast Group

Part of the Steadfast Group

Insurance Web are part of the Steadfast Group. Steadfast is the largest Insurance Broker Network in Australia.

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