Insurance for Air Conditioning Installation

If your business is involved in air conditioning installation, maintenance, or repairs, you’ll know just how many risks there are associated with your work.  

What you may not know is what insurance you need if an unforeseen incident occurs.  

That’s where Insurance Web comes in. We provide personalised advice and recommendations on the best insurance coverage for your business.  

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Risk Exposures for Air Conditioning Installers

For businesses involved in household air conditioner installation, repairs, and maintenance, the three biggest risk exposures are: 

  • Product & Public Liability 
  • Tools and Equipment 
  • Professional Indemnity 

Key Insurance Requirements for Air Conditioning Installers

Product and public liability

To protect yourself against any potential incidents that happen to third parties.

Tools and equipment

Get cover for loss of tools or equipment through damage or theft.

Motor vehicles and trailers

Insure against potential accidents or damage to your business vehicles.

Professional indemnity

Protect your business if it gives professional advice to clients or delivers a service where the client relies on your professional advice.

Product and Public Liability Insurance

Product and public liability insurance are paramount for businesses and contractors involved in installation, maintenance and repairs of air conditioners.  

Public liability insurance can cover damage to a third-party property and business interruptions during installation. Whereas, product liability can insurance cover damage or injury to a third-party if the product fails after installation, causing resultant damages.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

If your business provides professional advice about system design, or selects the system or materials, it’s likely you’ll need professional indemnity insurance.  

It can cover the cost of damages or your legal defence in the event a mistake by you – or an employee – that caused financial loss to a third party.  

Your professional indemnity insurance coverage will vary depending on the exact work you carry out during the installation process.  

Things to Look for in an Insurance Broker


Don’t get caught out with not enough coverage for your expensive tools – especially when they’re kept in your car!  

We strongly recommend considering ‘theft in open air’ coverage for all trades. 

Tools Insurance for Air Conditioning Businesses

If you need functioning tools to get your job done properly and safely, then tools insurance is a must-have. 

We find those involved in air conditioning installation and maintenance insure: 

  • Cordless Drill 
  • Refrigeration gauges 
  • Refrigerant scale 
  • Recovery unit  
  • Nitrogen regulator 
  • Leak detector 
  • Vacuum pump  
  • Tubing cutter 

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