Insurance for Gardeners and Landscapers

As a landscaper or gardener working outdoors and with machinery and equipment, it’s crucial to have the right insurance in place so you’re protected should the unthinkable occur.

While some workplace incidents can be minor, like a stone breaking a window when mowing, others can be more serious, cause injury and impact your livelihood.

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Risk Exposures for Landscapers and Gardeners

The three biggest risk exposures from an insurance perspective for Risk Exposures for Landscapers and Gardeners are:

  • Public Liability
  • Tools and Equipment
  • Motor Vehicles including Trailers

Key Insurance Requirements for Landscapers

Public Liability

To protect yourself against any potential incidents that happen to third parties, both property damage and personal injury to a third party.

Tools & Equipment Insurance

Insurance for equipment includes cover for your machinery, tools, and equipment on site or taken to sites. It is best to list higher value items (those above $2,500) individually as generally, a limit applies for any one item unspecified.


Motor insurance can include a single ute or van and trailer through to larger operations and specially outfitted trucks.

Cover under Motor or General Property for Tools and Equipment includes Accidental Loss or Damage, Theft, Fire and Storm Damage. Breakdown of any such equipment is treated differently and requires a separate and specific machinery breakdown insurance cover.

Vehicle Insurance for Landscapers

Your policy requirements will be dependent on the scale of operations.

Insurance Web can assist with motor insurance for tradesmen with a single van, ute or trailer, through to larger operations with a fleet of vehicles used to transport good, equipment and personnel to job sites.

We’ll factor in frequency of use and distance travelled when reviewing your motor insurance premiums.

Public Liability Insurance

Every contractor working in landscaping needs to have public liability insurance.

If your business (you or an employee) causes any personal injury to a third party or property damage while carrying out work, this type of insurance can help to protect you from associated financial costs.


One of the biggest concerns for tradespeople is having equipment damaged or stolen and the subsequent impact of business interruptions. Having the right equipment insurance in place can help your business operations running smoothly.

Equipment Insurance for Landscapers and Gardeners

Insurance coverage for your machinery, tools and equipment is vital.

We recommend insuring earthmoving equipment, cranes, excavators, pile drivers and other items.

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Frequently Asked Questions | Insurance for Builders and Contractors

How much does landscaping business insurance cost?

Insurance Web is your local insurance broker representative who will tailor your landscaping business insurance costs depending on the size and scale of your operations.

There are always a range of policies available on the market, but it’s best to check the fine print as the cheaper the premium, the less you’re likely to be covered for.

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