OJ Pippin Homes is very appreciative of the professionalism and the level of service that Insurance Web has provided us for our business insurance. The Insurance Web team are extremely competent and a delight to deal with.

OJ Pippin Homes  -Brisbane
Ann Walker


We have been using Insurance Web for a number of years now for our Aviation College in Townsville. The distance has not affected the relationship nor the service we receive. Insurance Web are highly experienced and professional  brokers who have created a profile of our potential exposure to risk within the RTO and Aviation Industry. They always examine the premiums and levels of cover for each policy. Using their specialised industry knowledge and long-term  industry relationships they are always able to recommend the best insurance solutions, tailored to meet our specific needs. I feel very comfortable and taken care of with a topic that can be complex and confusing at times.  The team at Insurance Web are quick with answers and very helpful with advice. I would definitely recommend Insurance Web to anyone looking for help with insurance.

Aviation College – Townsville

Tony & Deb Beauchamp

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