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Claims Management and Claims Procedures

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It is important to understand that as your Insurance Advisors, we work for you and act as your Insurance Consultant. We are independent of Insurers and have no power to authorise claims settlements. However, by taking full advantage of our expertise and years of experience in the insurance market, having us involved in the claims process will be beneficial to you.

Any loss or accident of a serious or major nature should be reported immediately to Insurance Web Pty Ltd with copies of documentation to be forwarded later.


The guidelines which follow are appropriate in most situations however they may vary in special circumstances. If you are in any doubt as to the correct claims reporting procedure please telephone your servicing Broker.

Completion of Claims Forms

When completing claim forms, there are two important procedures to follow:

  1. Complete all forms as soon as possible after the occurrence whilst the memory of the event is still fresh in the minds of all concerned.
  2. Ensure that the forms contain full and accurate data so that the Insurers are provided with enough information at the outset to enable them to take the most appropriate course of action in your best interests.

Property Claims Checklist

Here is a list of steps to take in the event of loss:

  1. Our main concern is the well being of persons involved in any incident
  2. Notify Insurance Web either by phone or by completing the relevant claim form online
  3. Details we will require include the date, time, cause and location of the loss or incident
    • Take photographs, if possible, prior to the removal of any debris.
    • Protect your property from further damage.
    • Notify the police immediately of any burglary losses.
    • Fix leaking pipes.
    • Restore fire protection.
    • Temporarily support collapsed or impaired structures.
    • Board up the premises and correct unsafe conditions, if applicable.
    • Isolate the damaged area whenever possible.
    • Separate damaged from undamaged property.
    • Restore power to critical areas such as freezers.
    • Establish a loss control account to detail all expenses incurred as a result of the loss.
    • Retain all invoices, time sheets, etc., to ensure all costs are captured and attributable to the loss, and to prevent an overlapping of normal costs with these expenditures.
    • Obtain identification of all civil authorities involved such as fire, police, health department, building inspector, etc.
    • Retain any piece of equipment or other property that may be the cause of the loss. This should be tagged and identified as to its function and the time and date of the incident in order to establish a chain of custody.

Professional Indemnity and Public & Products Liability

No matter how minor, any claim or intimation of claim by a third party in respect of actual or alleged wrongful acts, property damage or personal injury, or circumstances occurring which might lead to such, should be reported immediately to Insurance Web Pty Ltd who will advise on the appropriate course of action.

Any third party correspondence or writ should be faxed unanswered on the day of receipt to the broker. No admission of liability should ever be made to a third party without Insurers’ written consent.

Make a Claim or call our friendly team on 1300 800 091
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