Insurance for Hospitality Businesses

When you own a hospitality business there are dozens of unexpected obstacles that can interrupt your operations, result in financial losses, or even shut your shop down.  

At Insurance Web we’ve seen it all: people slipping and falling in a restaurant, food contamination and subsequent poisoning, water damage or fire damage destroying your stock and equipment.  

While you need the right safety procedures in place, there are some accidents that just can’t be predicted.  

That’s why we believe it pays to be prepared, with the right insurance in place.  

Let the team of experienced broker representatives at Insurance Web tailor coverage that best suits your business.

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Risk Exposures for Hospitality Businesses

For restaurants, the four biggest risk exposures from an insurance perspective are: 

  • Public Liability  
  • Product Liability  
  • Business interruption  
  • Property damage 
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Key Insurance Requirements for Hospitality Businesses

Product and public liability

To protect yourself against any potential incidents that happen to third parties.

Property damage

Protect your business in the event of unexpected and significant property damage. 

Business interruption insurance

Protect yourself from substantial losses in the event of an unpredictable business interruption or shutdown.

Product and Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance is vital for any business in the hospitality industry.  

If a customer is injured in your restaurant, café or bar, by slipping on a wet surface, burnt by hot food, or hurt after falling from a broken chair, for example, you might be protected from any associated costs with this kind of insurance.

While hospitality businesses must comply with regulations, product liability is a must.  

Many product liability claims are because of food poisoning or foreign objects in meals. 

Property Damage

For large restaurant chains and franchise operations, your property damage risk exposures will be much higher than those with one location.  

For this reason, coverage can vary greatly from a small operation and the insurance for a chain may even be organised on a group basis.  

When drawing up your policy, we take all risks into consideration and ensure you are only covered for what you need. 


Even the shortest interruption can cause huge losses for a small local business. Having the right insurance coverage in place, with the right advice, can get you back on your feet quickly and minimise any losses or forced closures.  

Business Interruption Insurance for Hospitality Industry

Business interruption coverage can vary greatly from one hospitality business to the next.  

Business interruption cover ensures you can still pay the bills even when the business can no longer trade provided the trigger for the loss is within the terms and conditions of the policy taken. 

In our experience, we recommend that restaurant, cafés or businesses should be insured for: 

  • Loss of Trading Profits for a minimum of 12 months benefit period, even longer if you own your own premises i.e. 18 months or 24 months 
  • Additional Increased Costs of Working cover to a minimum of $75,000 – ensuring you are compensated for more than just the loss of trading income if you incur other additional costs as a result of the inconvenience  
  • Include cover for part time and casual staff by insuring 100% of your payroll – you could draw an analogy here to the Job Keeper program allowing you to hang onto good staff even when the business is not operating, or not operating to its full capacity 
  • Make sure you allow for upward business trends so as to maximise benefits payable based on the business growth, not just at the time of placing cover 

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