Electrician Insurance

Regardless of your years of experience of how carefully you operate, accidents can occur in any work place. Electricians are exposed to daily risks that could seriously damage themselves, their employees, customers, and equipment.

An expert insurance broker will customise your policy to perfectly suit your individual business needs and take the guess work out of your coverage. In Queensland, licensed electricians must hold a public and products liability insurance to continue trading. Your Brisbane broker will issue a certificate in accordance with the Electrical Safety Office requirements so that you can focus on your projects with peace of mind.

Electrician Liability Insurance

The various risks involved in electrical work include, but are not limited to, on-site risks and public liability, material damage, product liability, professional indemnity and loss of data.

Liability insurance covers two key financial risks. The first being any legal costs involved in defending a claim. The second risk includes any compensation that you may have to pay to a wronged party, plus their legal costs, should a claim be made against you.

If you do any certification work, such as test and tag, you most likely have a need for professional indemnity cover along with your legal liability insurance.

Speak to an expert broker about insurance for electricians to customise your policy according to your unique requirements. Your broker will support you throughout your career and navigate complicated processes to a standard that cannot be achieved on your own.

Insurance Web offers a free quote service, tailored to your situation. Contact our friendly staff online or by calling 1300 800 091 if you have any further enquiries about taking out electrician insurance.

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