6 Things You Must Have In Your Business Continuity Plan

Do you have a small business continuity plan in place? If not what would you do if your business flooded, an important staff member was suddenly hospitalised, or what you’d need to replace first if you had things stolen?

In this blog we explain why business continuity planning is important and the six essentials things you need to think about.

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What should a small business continuity plan Brisbane include?

List of Tools/Equipment

If your tools were stolen, do you know what you’d need to replace to get back to work? Keeping a current list of the tools you have, when they were purchased and how much they were is really useful.

This not only to make your insurance claim process easier, but also ensures that you have everything you need right away, so you can get back to work.

TIP: You may even be able to start this list by making an account with your local trade tool supplier, as this can make getting a list of your inventory and how much it’s worth a lot easier!

Motor Vehicles

Do you have company supplied vehicles? You have probably already thought to insure them, but do you know where you’ll get a replacement vehicle from in the short term? Does it have the correct equipment for your business to keep functioning? Such as roof racks, or tow bars?

Enquire about Insurance for a replacement Hire Vehicle, for both “at Fault” or “regardless of Fault” claims, where a hire vehicle is provided for up to 30 days. This will help keep your business on the road should a motor vehicle accident occur.

Cyber Attacks

Insurance can assist you in the event of a Cyber Attack, but it’ll never do able to replace lost data. Make sure that you have an offsite or cloud back up system in place so that you can recover important information.

If you need Cyber insurance to cover you in the event of a cyber attack or scam, contact us about cyber insurance for your business.

Remote Operating

Your business may be insured for flood or fire, but do you have a plan in place if you are forced out of your current premises? Is the plan different if it’s 2 weeks or 6 months? Can your staff log in from home on a laptop or on their own computer using a cloud environment?

Having a plan in place for a worst case scenario could save you thousands by limiting any downtime and enable your workforce to keep working remotely.

Staffing Emergencies

What would happen if a key staff member was suddenly hospitalised? Do you have a plan in place for other staff to cover the work load or a plan of action to find a replacement?

Being down a staff member indefinitely can put a huge strain on a business, so mitigating this risk can make a big difference to both the wellbeing of other staff, and your bottom line.

Emergency Procedures

Do your staff know who to call in an emergency? It’s handy to have a laminated page of local emergency numbers readily available.

Whether it’s the emergency services, or even a plumber or electrician. Knowing who to call when things go wrong can save time and money.

Business Continuity Planning

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