Plumbing Insurance

When operating as a sole trader, contractor or plumbing business, you need a certain level of insurance to protect your business against losses from material damage, property damage and personal injury. As you work closely with dangerous chemicals, water, and electricity, there are numerous risks that have the potential to jeopardise your family’s financial security.

Plumbing insurance is a customised form of insurance, designed to suit your individual needs at affordable prices. All Queensland, licensed plumbing practitioners must be covered by the optimal level of insurance when carrying out any work that requires a compliance certificate.

Plumbers’ Insurance Considerations

When arranging insurance, it is best to consider all your needs, for example:

  • Public and products liability
  • Tools and equipment, and
  • Motor vehicles and trailers, to name a few

Your work is your livelihood and your priority. Having an expert broker will assist you with navigating these complicated processes so that you can concentrate on producing quality work without fearing potential, expensive consequences.

Insurance Web provides insurance for Brisbane plumbers that is second-to-none. We work closely with you to understand your business and create an individual insurance policy – obtain a free quote today. Don’t hesitate to contact our expert staff online or call 1300 800 091 to find out more about your insurance options.

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